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Wish List: SAVE up to $25
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6 Bariatric Bathroom Equipment you Must Know

6 Bariatric Bathroom Equipment you Must Know

As an obese person, do you feel tired after standing for a while in the bathroom? Do you think that the toilet seat is not wide enough and the toilet bowl is not big enough? If you have these thoughts and find them troublesome, then this article can help you.

This article will introduce you to some very useful bathroom equipment that obese people must-have. Most of them are very creative and practical products that have emerged in the past two years to meet the daily needs of the growing obese. Using them will not only improve your happiness in life but also make you feel more convenient and independent. The following is the introduction of product details, I hope you will like it and use it.

6 Bariatric Bathroom Equipment you Must Know

1.Bariatric Toilet Bowl

As the number of obese people continues to increase, sellers have also discovered business opportunities, and unique products for obese people are constantly being designed and produced. The bariatric toilet bowl is one of them. Bariatric toilet bowl usually undergoes special processing such as reinforcement treatment, widening the seat, using stronger materials, etc. to achieve a large load-bearing capacity. The maximum weight can be up to 2000 pounds.

Rugged, durable and waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. You don’t have to worry about the toilet cracking due to insufficient weight, and you don't have to worry about the width of the toilet is not wide enough. There are many brands and styles on the market now, so the prices are also various, the cheapest is more than 100 US dollars, and the expense is about 1000 US dollars. You can choose to buy according to your budget and actual needs as well as product reviews. In addition to traditional stores, they are also sold on the Internet. You can search at Amazon, WalMart, and Google to compare prices.

Bariatric Toilet Bowl

2.Bariatric Toilet Seat

The bariatric toilet seat for obese is sold independently from the toilet, and the price is very cheap, ranging from as little as $10 to as much as $100. In order to meet the needs of the obese, it is much wider than ordinary toilet seats, and it will be more comfortable to sit on without having to force yourself to sit on a small toilet seat. And it also has a distinctive feature: convenience. It can be placed directly on the toilet without damaging the toilet. You can put it on top of the toilet when you need it, and you can remove it when you don't need it. It can also be replaced with a new one when it is damaged. Bariatric toilet seats are available in ordinary styles and styles with legs. The toilet seat with legs is usually raised and has a support frame, which can not only achieve the purpose of bearing weight but also provide armrests to help you stabilize your body. Buy two functions with one share, cost-effective, and save money.

Bariatric Toilet Seat

3.Bariatric Toilet Safety Frame

Bariatric toilet safety railing mainly serves as stable support and usually only contains a frame without a seat. With it, you can grab the frame next to the toilet when you get up or sit down in the toilet without worrying about falling or slipping. It can be adjusted in height, and you can adjust it according to your height. It can also be folded, so you can put it up when you don't need it to save space. What's more, Bariatric toilet safety rails can be used by diverse groups. If you live with your parents or grandparents, the toilet safety frame is also very useful for them. The price of Bariatric Toilet Safety Frame is generally around $100. It is recommended to purchase our own toilet safety rail because it has passed the highest standards of medical toilet safety rails.

Bariatric Toilet Safety Frame

4.Bariatric Commode

Bariatric Commode is specially designed for obese people, it is very convenient. Not only for the bathroom but also for the bedroom. Imagine this scenario: you are sleeping well at night, suddenly wake up, and want to go to the bathroom. Normally, you can only move to the bathroom. But this can easily affect your later sleep, because a short walk may make you awake. So If you have a portable commode next to the bed, you can quickly solve it without going to the bathroom. Bariatric Commode also has a relatively large load-bearing capacity of 650lb or more, so you can sit as you like. The price of Bariatric Commode is not expensive, usually under $100, which is quite cost-effective.


5.Bariatric Shower Chair

The Bariatric Shower Chair is used in the shower for obese people. In order to adapt to the wet and slippery environment of the bathroom, it is specially designed to be non-slip and waterproof. In order to bear a large weight, its materials are usually modified and upgraded to withstand a weight of up to 500 pounds. You can sit in the shower chair and rest for a while when you feel tired in the bath. You can also sit for a while while others help you rub your back. The price of the shower chair is relatively cheap, generally under $100. There are many styles, such as with back and without back, with arms and without arms. There are also different materials, such as bamboo or plastic. You can choose according to your actual needs.

Bariatric Shower Chair

6.Bariatric Transfer Bench

The Bariatric Transfer Bench is an upgraded version of the Bariatric Shower Chair. It is suitable for obese people who are prone to fall and have limited mobility. The outer legs of the Bariatric Transfer Bench are equipped with non-slip tips to provide a safe and reliable experience. The inner leg is equipped with a large suction cup cover to ensure that the bench will not slide on the smooth surface of the bathtub. The bathroom and the bathtub are connected by the outer legs and the inner legs, allowing you to transition into the bathtub smoothly and safely. You just need to sit on the outside of the bathtub and slowly slide over the bench to enter the bathtub by grabbing the handrails without the help of others. The price of the Bariatric Transfer Bench is a bit more expensive than the ordinary shower chair, but it is also under $200.

Bariatric Transfer Bench


The above is the bariatric must-have bathroom equipment recommendation. Thanks to the development of modern industry, some distinctive and practical products continue to come into our eyes. The product mentioned above is just that. We can certainly live without these products. But after using them, they can not only improve our happiness but also make us live a more dignified and independent life. So if you are an obese person, you might as well try these bariatric must-have bathroom equipment to make your life shine. Even if you are not obese, you can send it to obese people you are close to, and they will like it.
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