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New Year Sale: up to $21 OFF

Pneumatic - 300LBS Capacity Upright Walker

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Product Information


All-Terrain Pneumatic Upright Walker

Pneumatic Tires

What makes an all terrain upright walker? The answer lies in pneumatic tires. They enable an upright walker to go over sidewalk cracks and rocky areas like riding on air! The smaller rear wheels (10"; 12" for the front ones) also help maneuver in tight spaces.

Comfortable Seat

Upright Walker with Pneumatic Tires

To walk further and longer, we need to stop and take a rest now and then. For a better rest, we equipped this all terrain upright walker with a wider seat of 17.7 (L) x 9.8" (W). As a part of the seat, the backrest is also thickened with soft foam.

Ergonomic Locking Handbrake

The ergonomic locking handbrake helps lock this walker in place. You can also position the angle and distance of the brake levers so your hands can always stay at a comfortable height.

Upright Walker with Pneumatic Tires

Featured Design

Compact Design

Designed to be compact, this upright walker with pneumatic tires is well-suited for indoor and outdoor use. Being folded, the product width can be as narrow as 6.3 inches. It can navigate through indoor doorways easily; it's also a plus when storage or transportation is required.

Wide Height Range

An upright walker makes walking easier because the user can rest some of the weight on the elbows instead of only on the hands. Therefore, the one with several height options would be better as it enables you to keep your forearms at a proper height in different situations. With a wide height range from 39 inches to 48 inches, this is an ideal choice!

Tripod Support Bracket

Stability is essential for safety in terms of mobility aids! By creatively bringing in tripod support brackets at the bottom, we are confident to say the frame of this upright walker with pneumatic tires is top-notch with the ultimate stability in the market.

Roomy Bag

The roomy bag under the seat can hold more stuff than you think. It helps you transport groceries or daily essentials with the least effort. Enjoy walking without extra burdens!



Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Recommended User Height: 5' to 6'

Package Dimensions: 25.6" x 17.1" x 10.3"

Wheel Diameter: 12" for Front, 10" for Rear

Unit Weight: 29lbs

Seat Dimensions: 17.7"(L) x 9.8"(W)


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