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Wish List: SAVE up to $25


To Help Live Healthily and Independently

To Help Live Healthily and Independently

About OasisSpace

To help the people we touch to live healthily and independently, OasisSpace teamed up with a group of enthusiasts to bring in Household & Health Care products that make life easier. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing your health, or caring for a loved one, you’re sure to find the most helpful aids from us.

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We are Professional

We are Professional

We hold the belief that professionalism is the cornerstone that makes us stand out in the market, thus quality—both the products and the services—should always come first.

To offer what is proven to best suit your needs, our engineers continuously upgrade our products, followed by hundreds of tests managed by our quality control experts. Standing behind the premium products are our industry-leading customer support team. They would stand by from Monday to Friday, giving you quick and to-the-point answers at all times.

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OasisSpace is committed to helping people live a healthy life.

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Nothing would stop engineers at OasisSpace from polishing our products up, the same goes with our industrial-leading support team.

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Driven by the mission to safeguard personal mobility and independence, we are your trustworthy supplier for Health & Household.

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100% Satisfaction

We value our customers. If you are not over the moon with your order, we'll move mountains to make it right.

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