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Does Medicare Cover Walkers?

Does Medicare Cover Walkers?

Walkers are an essential tool for many individuals who have mobility issues. Whether due to age, injury, or illness, walkers provide the necessary support to maintain independence and mobility.

Medicare, the U.S. government health insurance program, often covers the costs associated with walkers. But what types of walkers are covered, and what should you know about this benefit? Let's delve into the specifics.

Types of Walkers for Seniors

  1. Standard Walkers: The most basic type of walker, without a seat. They consist of four legs and a frame, commonly used indoors.
  2. Front-wheeled Walkers( or Two-wheel Walkers): Similar to standard walkers, but with two front wheels, making it easier to move both indoors and outdoors. Some models have seats, while others do not.
  3. Three-wheel Walkers Consist of three wheels and a frame, without a seat. Suitable for walking on flat surfaces indoors and outdoors.
  4. Rolling Walkers (or Rollator Walkers): Walkers that have four wheels, hand brakes, a seat, and a handlebar. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are often referred to as "rolling walkers" or "rollators."
  5. Upright Walkers: Upright walkers, also known as stand-up walkers, have a similar frame to rollators but are designed to support users in a more upright position. 

Does Medicare Cover Walkers?

Yes. Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers durable medical equipment (DME), which includes walkers. But there are common points and requirements to take note of.

  1. Medical Necessity: Medicare only covers walkers that are deemed medically necessary. This means that the walker must be prescribed by a healthcare professional to aid in the treatment or management of a medical condition.
  2. Supplier Enrollment: The supplier from whom you purchase or rent the walker must be enrolled in Medicare and meet the program's quality standards.
  3. Coverage Limits: Medicare has specific coverage limits for walkers. Generally, it covers 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for the walker, and you are responsible for the remaining 20% through copayments or a supplemental insurance plan.

Now that we have covered the general points about Medicare coverage for walkers, let's explore the coverage for each type of walker in more detail.

Does Medicare Cover Standard Walkers?

Absolutely. Medicare covers standard walkers, the most fundamental type. However, remember you'll need a doctor's prescription demonstrating its medical necessity. Equally important, ensure your supplier is enrolled in Medicare, or you could be footing the bill yourself.

Does Medicare Cover Two-wheel Walkers?

2-Wheel Walker

Medicare covers two-wheel walkers too. Similar to the standard walker, a doctor's prescription validating that the two-wheel walker is crucial for your mobility is necessary. Plus, always check that your supplier is Medicare-enrolled to ensure coverage.

Does Medicare Cover Three-wheel Walkers?

Three Wheel Walker

Three-wheel walkers are covered under Medicare, given you have a doctor's prescription and meet the Medicare eligibility requirements. And don't forget, the provider of the three-wheel walker must be Medicare-enrolled.

Does Medicare Cover Rollator Walkers?

Rollator Walker

Certainly. Medicare "rolls out the red carpet" for seniors needing more help, covering rollator walkers. A written order from your doctor is a must. Also, make sure to buy from a supplier enrolled in Medicare to secure your coverage.

Does Medicare Cover Upright Walkers?

upright walker

Indeed they do. Medicare covers upright walkers, which are designed to keep you standing tall. It's necessary to have a doctor's order stating the medical need for this walker. Crucially, make sure the supplier you purchase from is enrolled in Medicare to guarantee your coverage.

Can OasisSpace Walkers be Paid for with Medicare?

Unfortunately, OasisSpace walkers cannot be paid for with Medicare at the moment. However, we are actively taking steps to make this a viable option in the near future.

Other FAQS

Is there a cost for walkers covered by Medicare?

Medicare Part B generally covers 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for walkers. You will typically be responsible for the remaining 20% coinsurance. If you have a supplemental insurance plan, it may help cover this cost.


In conclusion, walkers play a vital role in enhancing the mobility and independence of seniors. Medicare recognizes the importance of these assistive devices and provides coverage for medically necessary walkers through Medicare Part B.

Whether you require a standard walker, a two-wheel walker, a three-wheel walker, a rollator walker, or an upright walker, Medicare may cover the costs if specific conditions are met.

Please remerber to consult your doctor and supplie to find out which type is most suitable, and remember to get a prescription to qualify for Medicare coverage.

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