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Pre-Spring Sale: up to $25 OFF
Pre-Spring Sale: up to $25 OFF

300LBS Capacity Toilet Safety Rails

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300LBS Capacity Toilet Safety Rails
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Product Information


OasisSpace Classic 300LBS Toilet Safety Rails – Fit Most Toilets

A Safe Frame

Easy to use Toilet Safety Rails

Being very sturdy and with suction cups and rubber tips at the bottom, this stand alone toilet safety rail can accommodate almost standard or elevated toilet seats, helping a lot in stabilizing a person when getting off and on the toilet.

Easy to Assemble

Putting this stand alone toilet safety rail together is super easy! No tools are required. You do not need to mount it to a wall or the floor. Usually, it just takes about two minutes to get an assembled one.

6 Height Options

Everyone would love the fact that the height is adjustable. A wide range of height (27.5" – 33") realized by the 6 options makes this toilet safety rail a great fit for most people.

Easy to use Toilet Safety Rails

Featured Design

Great Loading Capacity

A lightweight structure does not mean a compromise on the loading capacity. Made of aluminum, the whole frame weighs as light as 6.15 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds.

Non-Slip Grip

The grips, partly protected by soft, non-slip foam, can offer a more comfortable grab; they are also designed to be sloped slightly for a better and more natural angle for gripping the bars.

Easy to Fold

It folds up like a dream! That’s also one of the reasons why this stand alone toilet safety rail is preferred by so many people. It's a great alternative for a handrail or a grab bar and it can be easily removed for storage or transportation when not in use!



Key Info
Unit Weight
Weight Capacity
Product Name
300LBS Capacity Toilet Safety Rails
Package Dimensions
21" x 14" x 3"


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