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24 Pranks to Play on Seniors on April Fools’ Day

24 Pranks to Play on Seniors on April Fools’ Day

Once more, the unique day of the year comes. A day for goofy and humorous ideas to prank your aging lover or friend with amusing fake-outs.

We've compiled a list of april fools activities for seniors that are certain to earn a chuckle. Keep in mind that even it is on this special day, your jokes should never be disrespectful to others. Maintain a joyful attitude. Let the games of deception start!

1. Remote control not working

television control

Disputes with your aging lover or friend over the television remote control are a drama that continues even after you are old. Taking the battery out of the television remote control is a legendary prank that you have to do at least once in your life. If he or she is a big fan of a specific television program, it could be a little dangerous (just joking, they would like it after they figure out what's going on). The problem would arise when they attempt to operate the television using the remote control, which would stay unresponsive.

2. Horror set-up

Make your motions invisibly, and in just a couple of easy steps, you may transform your home into something that appears as it belongs in a horror film. Drive to a small grocery to get Halloween decorations and low-wattage light bulbs that flash, ideally 40 watts or less in size. Switch out every light bulb in the household, beginning with the ones in the toilet, while your aging lover or friend is asleep. If he or she went to the toilet in the middle of the night, they would be befuddled and even a bit terrified. Make sure safety rails are attached to the toilet, so they will not fall or slip for being too shocked.

3. Sweet vitamin

Sweet vitamin

On the occasion that your senior lover or friend use vitamins on a daily basis, pulling april fools activities for seniors can be rather amusing. Replacing the vitamin pills with either candies or chocolates. Those who attempt to consume vitamin pills will be perplexed as to how they came to taste so delicious. The look of complete bewilderment on their faces is precisely what makes this trick so amusing.

4. Moldy bread

It is pretty simple to convince your aging lover or friend that the bread they've recently purchased from the supermarket has gone bad. Using a cleaned knife, remove the top section of the bread and thereafter add several drops of green coloring to make it seem like mildew, then bake for 30 minutes. Afterward, grab the portion of the bread that has already been sliced and bury it. As soon as they remove the bread from the oven to enjoy it, their horrified expression would be enough of a viral internet sensation.

5. Jell-O juice


For example, if your lover or friend like a glass of juice in the early afternoon, grab some Jell-O and create a mix according to the directions on the package. When it is done, fill up the juice glass that they would use, and don't miss the straw (it's the little things that count in this game). 12 hrs, the Jell-O will harden, and the next day, when they attempt to sip it, they would be completely perplexed and, at the very least, quite irritated.

6. Frozen breakfast

Add some yogurt and cereals into the bowl that the seniors always use to have their morning breakfast and place it on the kitchen counter. After that, put the bowl in the freezer. Add extra yogurt on top of the bowl before serving it to the seniors the next morning, so that it seems to be a genuine meal. When they attempt to consume it, they would be puzzled as to why they are unable to scoop up any of the cereal pieces.

7. Minty Oreo


The success of april fools activities for seniors would depend on how much the seniors like Oreos. For starters, delicately scrape off the cream between the Oreo biscuits using a bread knife. Take a tube of toothpaste that looks similar to the cream and begin sandwiching it between the Oreo biscuits. When you give the "tasty" Oreo to them, they will be pleasantly surprised by the mint flavor.

8. Wrong icons

Take a photo of the screen of the seniors laptop and save it somewhere safe for now. Then make all of the icons grouped together. When it is done, using the earlier saved photo, change the laptop background picture. The software would not reply any time the seniors to open it, and they would be persuaded that the laptop is not operating properly. At the end, you should, of course, return everything to normal when you have pulled off the trick successfully.

9. Clothes swap

This trick may not appear to be a traditional funny one, but it does not rule out the possibility of it eliciting a few giggles from the elderly. Simple as switching the locations of clothing, when they want to look for anything, they would frantically search through their possessions and end up in frustration.

10. Snake

Snakes are often considered to be a source of anxiety for most folks. If your aging lover or friends are among those who like being scared, frightening them with a plastic snake would be well worth it for the funny response. It should be attached to the snake with a rope, and one end of the rope should be attached to the inside of a cabinet door. Set it up in such a way that anytime your friends try to open the cabinet, the plastic snake would spring out and scare them. However, if you know your lover or friend is suffering from heart illness, you should refrain from these april fools activities for seniors.

11. Lost phone


This trick for the elderly is one of the coolest since it is unobtrusive while yet being humorous. You should call your lover or friend and explain that you just lost your expensive cellphone. If they are not aware that you were phoning them from your phone, they may get furious and scold you until they discover that you were playing a joke on them. Be prepared for a good chuckle from them if they are observant and recognize your mobile number.

12. Fake cake


For those seniors with a sweet tooth, this may be a wonderful prank that you could try on them. Grab a round sponge in the form of a cake and roll it out to make a circle. Put all of the essential components on top of it to make it look as if it is a genuine cake. The first time the elderly attempt to taste it, they would be completely baffled as to why it won't slice through the crust. Of course, when this trick is done, bring them a real one that they could truly enjoy with a smile.

13. Gooey Phone

Use a sticky substance, such as almond butter or toothpaste, to cover the earpiece or microphone of the cellphone. Avoid using gum since it may become stuck in the senior victim's hair and be difficult to remove. Verify that the senior is not allergic to anything you want to use on the phone. After that, call them up and see their response.

14. Door Trick

When the senior victim is sleeping, secure a sheet of newspaper to the ceipng above the door and attach it to the door frame at the top. On top of the newspaper that is hanging over the door, cover the top with plastic beans, popcorn, or pttle cardboard pellets. As soon as the elderly individual wakes up and steps out of the room, they will be pelted with these weightless items drifting down their head since the newspaper will have been ripped at that point.

15. Hand Sanitizer Trick

Here, have some transparent glue and a pttle container of hand sanitizer. Remove the hand sanitizer from the bottle and place it in a different bottle to avoid wasting it. You should empty the hand sanitizer and have the container air dry. At the same time, use transparent glue in its stead. 24 hrs, the slanted drying of the adhesive is required. Save the hand sanitizer for the senior person who won't detect a thing. No matter how hard they try, they won't be able to extract anything.

16. Turn Everything Upside Down

To really get a rise out of granny and grandpa, try this hilarious prank: while visiting their home, fpp one room upside down. Books on a bookcase can be fppped over, as can trinkets on a bedside table, and pretty much anything else that won't shatter if it's placed wrong-side-up. Just sit back and see the chaos unfold, and be ready to assist put things back where they belong.

17. Popsh Trick

You can trick the senior neat freak in your household with these simple April Fool's Day jokes. Using nail popsh as a gag gift is a certain way to get their attention. You can do this neat trick with only some paint, some expired nail popsh, a plastic bag, and some school glue. You may avoid giving up your favorite shade by purchasing an inexpensive bottle of nail paint for under a buck.

18. Ice Cream On Couch

With this sleight of hand, the spill was designed to seem pke it had been done with ice cream. Making this dish seem as if it were made with genuine melting chocolate fudge minty ice cream is really a tiny bit simpler. The glue is very user-friendly and inexpensive to put to use. Make a "ruined" sofa, you can be certain that it will generate a lot of attention for the seniors in your family.

19. One Shoe’s Too Small

Have a senior in your family choose one of their preferred pairs of shoes, and then select one of the shoes and fill the toe of it with paper towels, wool, or tissue paper. As they try to put their footwear on, they will be perplexed by the fact that one shoe does not fit properly while the other does.

20 . Time Zone Prank

Con your grandparents out! Subtly adjust the clocks in the bedrooms by one hour. Making the modification to an alternate time zone more genuine by setting back all of the clocks in the household an hour or two. That way, no one will suspect anything. Invite your senior victims out for breakfast after they've figured out what's going on, and buy the early birds a stack of pancakes as compensation.

21. Keyboard Trick

If your elderly victim uses a computer, you may play a practical joke on them by rearranging the letters on their keyboard so that they type out "April Fools." Since you'll have to take an additional "L" and "O" from a comparable keyboard, this trick works incredibly well if you use the same type of keyboard.

22 . Infestation Joke

Grab a rubber worm and place it within an apple in such a way that it doesn't fall out. It's possible that you'll have to make a hole in the apple using a drill or a blade. You could put the apple in a bag for someone to take in their lunch, or you could put it out on the counter as an enticing snack option. Wait till your senior victims get their shock!

23. Wrap It Up

To have pghthearted fun for your loved seniors with as pttle effort as possible, try using Saran Wrap. It's adaptable enough to encase a full desk, or only the essentials pke a cellphone, laptop, and mouse. Saran Wrap may be replaced with tinfoil or Post-It notes with the same results. It would be less prone to cause offense and it's far simpler to sweep up than, say, the shredded paper would be.

24. The Hands-free Prank

This is the simplest prank you could pull off on a senior. In the weeks leading up to April 1st, prepare your senior victims for the pranks you want to do on them. Tell them that you have a ton of great suggestions. Don't bother doing anything special on April 1st; just relax and enjoy seeing them tense up in expectation of pranks that are never going to come.

Playing april fools activities for seniors is a fun way to get out of boredom and makes the entire thing more amusing for everybody involved. Spend as much time and effort as possible thinking of creative ways to prank them. Remember, watching out for details is rather important in order to pull off an impressive prank with ease.

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