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Toilet Safety Rails

Does Medicare Cover Toilet Safety Rails?

As we age, simple daily tasks can become more difficult. Getting on and off the toilet may require extra support as mobility decreases. This is where toilet safety rails can help. But does Medicare cover these helpful bathroom aids?

What are Toilet Safety Rails?

Toilet safety rails, also known as grab bars, serve as a support system for individuals who find it challenging to sit down or get up from the toilet.

These rails are often a staple in modern bathrooms, helping to prevent accidents and maintain the dignity of individuals who use them. 

Does Medicare Pay for Toilet Safety Rails?

We need to understand that Medicare is split into different parts, each covering various aspects of health care:

  1. Part A – Hospital Insurance
  2. Part B – Medical Insurance
  3. Part C – Medicare Advantage
  4. Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

In the context of toilet safety rails, it’s Part B that we’re most interested in, as it covers the durable medical equipment (DME).

However, when it comes to toilet safety rails, things can get a bit murky. Toilet safety rails are generally considered "convenience items" rather than a medical necessity by Medicare. Therefore, they typically aren't covered under Medicare Part B.

Alternative Solutions

"But what now?" you may ask. Not to worry, because all hope is not lost! There are a few avenues to explore:

  • Medicaid: Depending on your state's regulations, Medicaid might offer coverage for toilet safety rails.
  • Discount Stores: Many discount stores and pharmacies offer these rails at affordable prices.
  • Charitable Organizations: You may find non-profit organizations that offer assistance in procuring safety rails.


To wrap things up, the Medicare journey with regards to covering toilet safety rails is somewhat of a grey area.

While Medicare Part B doesn’t routinely cover toilet safety rails considering them more as convenience items rather than a medical necessity, there still remains a glimmer of hope through alternative solutions and personalized medical consultations.

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