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450LBS Capacity Commode Chair

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450LBS Capacity Commode Chair
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Product Advantages

The commode chair is designed to cater to seniors, disabled individuals, people with mobility issues, or those recovering from surgery, making it a versatile and valuable addition to home or healthcare facilities. (Note: It should be dried post-showering to prevent rusting.)

Robust and Adjustable Commode Chair

OasisSpace's Padded Bedside Commode Chair, built with solid iron, supports up to 450lbs. It features drop-arms for easy patient transfer and six height settings for personalized comfort. (It is recommended to dry the chair after each use to ensure its longevity.)

Robust and Adjustable Commode Chair
Hygienic and Comfortable Design Commode Chair

Hygienic and Comfortable Design

This commode chair boasts a u-shaped cutout seat for effortless personal hygiene maintenance and a padded seat and backrest made from anti-slip vinyl, providing added comfort, particularly beneficial for post-surgery recovery or those with back pain.

Versatile Commode Shower Chair

OasisSpace's chair can be utilized as a bath bench or a commode in various settings, including showers and hospitals. Its compact size also makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Versatile Commode Shower Chair
Safe Commode Chair

Safe and User-Friendly Features

Enhanced safety is offered with non-slip rubber pads on each leg of the chair, ensuring stability even in wet environments like shower rooms. The removable commode pail allows for easy cleaning.

Product Specifications

Brand: OasisSpace
Weight Capaticy: 450LBS



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