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nternational Women’s Day | old mother and her daughter

Ideas to Celebrate International Women’s Day for Seniors 2023

International Women's Day is a one-of-a-kind occasion to recognize and honor all of the important ladies in your life and of course the senior ones.

It doesn't matter if it's your mom, grandma, a female friend, a tutor, or anybody else, they all serve an essential part in your life. They are our loyal supporters, our beloved companions, and many of these women care about us the most on the whole earth.

In honor of International Women's Day, appreciate the woman in your life by engaging in various activities and giving her thoughtful presents. She'll be delighted that you put in the work and care to make this International Women's Day the different one she's ever had in the previous years.

For those of you who are fortunate to reside within commuting distance of your mother (or grandmother, or any female whose kindness and wisdom you are particularly thankful for), it would be the finest present of all to spend the day with your loved senior women.

But even if you live far away from them, it is still possible to show your love with some effort. This article here is to guide you in planning an International Women's Day celebration that can truly impress the special senior woman in your life.

1. Custom Puzzles

 International Women’s Day for Older Women ideas-Custom Puzzles

This is more than a simple recreational pastime. Placing a puzzle together could really assist to minimize the risk of dementia and also alleviate the development of the condition. This is true for the majority of mental activities and puzzles.

For International Women's Day, select a beautiful photograph of the female you desire to celebrate for and send it to a puzzle-making website for printing and packaging. The customized puzzle may be sent to you, or it could be delivered straight to your loved woman as a unique gift.

2. Books

 International Women’s Day for Older Women ideas-Books

Reading books is a favored everyday activity for over 70 percent of older women, so what better present than a lovely book to give them on this special occasion? If your loved senior woman has a preferred genre, there isn't much doubt about it.

Otherwise, you may offer her a diary that was written and drawn by the grandchildren. She would be proud of it, show off it with her friends, and review it again and again.

3. Donate in Her Name

What can you offer the senior woman who has retired and has everything? Perhaps gifts to those less lucky and privileged in her name. If she’s a dog or cat person, give a donation to your town's animal rescue center. Or you might consider a neighborhood food bank.

Whatever her hobbies, there’s an organization you could support and make contributions to. Discuss your donation goals with your loved senior woman and note down her passions or her chosen organizations. You may select one charity that all female family members admire and make the donation more formal and meaningful.

4. Succulents

 International Women’s Day for Older Women ideas-Succulents

Succulents plants, which look like cactus, are presently the most popular member of the flora group. Succulents are really fashionable family gift options in the market, and they are also quite simple to care for. Succulents plants are available in a range of forms and colors. Visit a plant market with your loved senior woman, and let her choose the plant container as well as soil and, most importantly, preferred succulents.

Don't forget to pick some shells, little sticks, or other small items to make designing containers more enjoyable and artistic. The senior woman will enjoy herself while working with and obtaining beauty from succulents. Furthermore, succulents only require a slight amount of water each week. Such an easy maintenance feature would be greatly welcomed by senior women who have limited mobility.

5. Unique Cards from Grandchildren

If the woman you wish to celebrate for is the grandmother, then just save dollars and have the grandchildren engaged for a day and at the same time produce something special and genuine for the beloved woman in the family. The children may also create additional cards for other elderly women who live together with the grandmother in the residential facility.

6. Have an Outing

While senior care facilities organize a variety of leisure activities and outdoor trips for their members, it is still crucial for the family members to be present and arrange activities, particularly on the International Women’s Day. A trip to the shopping mall with your mother or grandmother or a short-time lunch date with them are all good options. Alternatively, you may invite them to a nearby forest to breathe some fresh air.

7. Plan A Surprise Party

Prepare a secret women's day celebration at your house with the assistance of other family members. Serve the dishes and beverages that your mom or grandma would enjoy. They could be a total surprise since they had not anticipated anything of the kind to take place. Your warmth and thoughtfulness, paired with a delightful surprise, would turn this into the most precious and unforgettable moment of their lives.

8. Breakfast in Bed

Ideas 8- Breakfast in Bed

Begin International Women's Day by bringing the breakfast to bed for your loved senior woman if you just happen to be living with her. Prepare her favorite meals, such as waffles, omelets, or sausages, and accompany them with a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or sparkling water. Place a beautiful letter on the food plate to inform your loved senior woman that you consider yourself fortunate for having her as a companion.

9. Care of Health

As people get older, health conditions become more important. A good physical condition helps to guarantee that our loved senior women may continue to participate in the activities they like. A wide variety of good presents are available in this area,(e.g. rollator, upright walker, medical shower chair, etc.) giving an almost limitless number of gift options that most older lady is sure to appreciate.

10. Host a brunch or afternoon tea party

afternoon tea party

You may choose a pleasant location, such as a café or a park, in which to celebrate Women's Day with other ladies of a more advanced age. Make some mouthwatering food and beverages, such as salads, fruit, snacks, tea, and coffee, and serve them to your guests. In the company of older women, you and they may celebrate one other's achievements while exchanging life anecdotes and reflecting on lessons learned.

11. Set up a night to watch movies

You might select to see a movie with the older ladies that you care about that is a celebration of women's accomplishments or that displays strong female personalities. Some examples of these kind of movies are "The Queen is Born," "Mother and Daughter," and "The Iron Lady." Prepare some popcorn and other food in advance if you want to watch the movie at home so that you can better enjoy it. You may talk about the movie with your loved senior ladies and share your thoughts and emotions with them.

12. Take a stroll


Choose a stunning location, such as a park, beach, or forest, to go on a nature walk to celebrate Women's Day with your loved senior ladies. You may take in the splendor of nature, breathe in the clean air, and talk about how you're feeling. You and the older ladies may get some exercise and have fun at the same time by going on walks together.

13. Volunteer together

Supporting a local women's organization, such as a women's shelter, women's health facility, or women's advocacy organization, is a great way to celebrate International Women's Day with senior ladies. You and your loved senior women may, for instance, work together as part of a volunteer organization to provide aid, education, and support to other disadvantaged women. It is a chance to offer something back to the community while also establishing more meaningful connections with ladies of old age.

14.Attend a live performance or a musical concert

Attending a musical or live event that is of interest to both you and older women is a wonderful way to celebrate International Women's Day. Consider going to a play, a jazz performance, or a classical concert. Spend the evening delighting in the music and the culture, and you and your senior loved women will not soon forget it.

15. Go to a spa to relax


Celebrating Women's Day by just taking pleasure in one's life is an excellent option for senior ladies. Visit a spa of your choice and treat your loved senior woman to a massage or other spa treatment to help you all unwind and fight off stress and exhaustion. It is a soothing activity, and it allows you to spend quality time with your elderly woman.

16. Get some fresh expertise

Celebrating International Women's Day by acquiring a new talent or skill together is another highly significant way to do it. Choose a new skill that both you and the older woman are interested in learning, such as a new painting method, a new cooking technique, or how to utilize new technology. The link you share with your loved old woman may be strengthened, and the perspectives you share can expand, if the two of you learn a new skill together.

17. Participate in a photography class

Spend some quality time with an elderly lady you care about and enroll in a photography course together to hone your skills as a photographer and record the fun you have upon International Women's Day. You have the option of filming in a breathtaking location, such as a beach, a park, or even a city street. Together, you may learn how to take stunning photographs by carefully selecting the appropriate light, subject, and composition.

18. Co-creating some crafts

Collaborate with your loved senior ladies to finish a creative project with a Women's Day theme, such as knitting a sweater, creating ceramics, or weaving a basket. Learn from each other's experiences and expertise while having a good time working on these unique projects together.

19. Visit a zoo or aquarium


On International Women's Day, it's a lot of fun to spend time with elder ladies and see the differences in marine life. You may spend some quality time together taking in the splendor of the animals and aquatic life by going to a zoo or aquarium. You may go around the exhibitions with one another, discuss your views and emotions regarding sea life, and have a wonderful time doing it all.

20. Shopping

The majority of older women will take pleasure in the activity of shopping, which is likely to be the easiest and most widely practiced approach to commemorate International Women's Day. Invite your loved older ladies and go shopping with them in a mall or a market of your choice for the things you like most. You may deepen your connection by going shopping together for things like clothing, shoes, cosmetics, or souvenirs and enjoying the day of Women's Day.


In fact, please an older woman does not have to be tough. You may get overwhelmed by the enormous number of celebration ideas available on the internet, but taking into consideration your loved women's hobbies and personality can assist you in narrowing down some of the greatest options. We wish that we managed to provide you with some excellent suggestions on how to make the experience of International Women's Day more enjoyable and memorable.

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