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11 Must-have Products for Elderly Living Alone

In places where social distancing and stay-at-home policies are followed, seniors may lack the necessary assistance and resources. It may be difficult for loved ones to visit them, and regularly scheduled social events or activities may be postponed in the meantime. The current state can not only cause seniors to suffer from loneliness, but it can cause safety concerns for them because they used to have loved ones check in on them and assist them with daily activities. It is not uncommon for seniors to find that simple, everyday chores become the nightmare of their life due to slippery floors and the inability to climb stairs. Investing in elderly care products makes it easier to cope with living alone as someone ages.

You can keep seniors in place safe during COVID-19 and beyond by having these essentials on hand. The purpose of some items is to prevent possibly hazardous incidents like falls, while other items, such as tablets, can be utilized to stay entertained and emotionally engaged while distancing oneself from friends and family. These products can all help seniors and their families through this challenging time.

Shower Chairs

Must-have Products for Elderly - Shower Chairs

An estimated one in four Americans over 65 falls every year, and 80% of the falls occur in the bathroom, according to the National Council on Aging Care. Hard, slippery surfaces in showers can pose a safety risk to seniors, especially those living on their own. With a shower chair, seniors can enjoy longer, safer showers since standing and moving is eliminated, and they can maintain proper hygiene as well since they can easily shower. Shower chairs should be sturdy, easy to install, have non-slip bottom or floor grips, and be effortless to clean.


Must-have Products for Elderly - Rollators

Census data indicates that mobility challenges are the most prominent form of disability among elderly Americans. The inability to move makes seniors more vulnerable to accidents like falls and may also decrease their activity level, resulting in both mental and physical health issues. When older people have difficulty getting around, a rollator can provide them with the ability to move safely and regularly, even just around their homes or in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, seniors will have various needs regarding the right rollator. At least, a rollator should be easy to maneuver through all the hallways and doorways of the senior's home.


Must-have Products for Elderly - Tablets

Around one-third of adults aged 65 and over own a tablet as of 2017, according to a report on tablet ownership among senior Americans. For the elderly who mostly use a mobile device for communication with friends and family, health monitoring, and web surfing, a tablet can be a great option. While tablets are normally lighter and less expensive than laptops, they still have a wider and more readable screen than most smartphones. The priorities of each individual will vary when selecting a tablet, but it is a good idea to check the battery life and sound quality, both of which are important things when video chatting with loved ones or health providers.

Bed Rails

Must-have Products for Elderly - Bed Rails

In an aging population, bed rails can help create a sense of safety and security, especially for those with mobility and agility issues. Also recognized as bedside rails and side rails, they come in different designs, kinds, and sizes. Functional features such as height customization, foam grips, and storage pockets are included with many options for extra safety and convenience. Bed rails help seniors stay off the ground and prevent them from falling. When moving from one position to another, or climbing in and out of bed, bed rails provide stability, protection, and comfort. By installing bed rails, you or a loved one can age in place and become more independent, requiring less assistance from others.

Grab bars

Falling is much more common among older adults in the bathroom since slippery surfaces such as a bathtub, shower floor and walls present a hazardous environment. If grab bars are placed strategically, such as on shower walls or bath walls, they can help minimize slipping. Grab bars are able to assist with sitting and standing beside the toilet, and can also act as additional stability near a sink or vanity when installed next to it.

Toilet Safety Rails

If a senior does not require help from family members or caregivers to use the toilet, they can live a more fulfilling life. An effective toilet safety rail minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures seniors more protection when using the toilet. In order to remain independent while at home, older people must use a railing frame that is comfortable to secure and sturdy enough to bear body weight.

Medical Alert Systems

Despite the fact that families of seniors aging in place are accustomed to visiting their loved ones regularly, there may not be a possibility of face-to-face contact at this pandemic time. As a result, family members of seniors who live independently can experience a great deal of anxiety and stress worrying about their loved one's safety while they are isolated. In addition to loneliness concerns, families may be worried that their loved ones might experience an emergency, such as a fall, and not quickly receive the help they need. The medical alert systems available to the elderly enable their family members to have reassurance, as well as make it easier for them to obtain emergency assistance. Seniors can reach trained emergency operators just by pressing a button.

Automatic Dispenser Or Pill Crusher

Seniors often experience memory loss and forgetfulness as they age, which makes it hard for them to take their medications on time. Every day of the week, the automatic pill dispenser allows your elderly parents to take their medicine on schedule. This device can be programmed to deliver the medication at a set time and can also alert you when it is time to take it. When elderly individuals cannot swallow whole pills, a pill crusher can crush the pill instantly, releasing the medicine in powdered form. The device prevents the risk of choking.

Disaster Kit

Must-have Products for Elderly - Disaster Kit

The elderly in particular should have a disaster response kit with them. Such a kit should include survival essentials such as dried food, blankets, canned water, flashlights, candles, and medicines in case there is a power failure, severe weather, or other disasters. With this simple disaster kit, seniors can take care of their own needs while waiting for assistance to arrive.

Motion-activated Lights

Movement-activated lights alert people to suspicious activity and help stop it. You should install these lights on prominent windows and doors of the property of an elderly person for maximum safety. It prevents break-ins and ensures that passersby or neighbors are notified in case of an attempted burglary.

Health And Fitness Trackers

Must-have Products for Elderly - Health And Fitness Trackers

In order to combat chronic health conditions in old age, it is important to remain active. Monitoring steps through a fitness tracker can help seniors and their families ensure they are getting enough exercise. Healthcare professionals may also find the results produced by such a device useful because they may need to verify that patients are following doctors' orders.

Now, home-based seniors have access to a wide range of products designed to simplify their lives. Get advice from the medical provider on products that are right for you or a loved one. 

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