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 Between Bamboo or Teak Shower Benches

Bamboo VS Teak Shower Benches : How to Choose?

Teak and bamboo wood are by far the most common types of shower seats, although other types are available in the market as well.

The main cause of the popularity of these two species of materials is that they both have superior properties, compared to their counterparts.

So do you know what the differences are between the two of them? Do you know how to choose?

Examine the advantages and disadvantages of the teak or bamboo bathing benches so that you could determine for sure whether it is the best option to cater to your requirements.


Teak benches or bamboo benches?

Which one is superior? Let’s do a quick comparison first:

Dimension Bamboo Shower Benches Teak Shower Benches
Species  Many species and grow quickly, more styles and choices. Few varieties and grow slowly.
Eco-Friendliness Rapidly renewable, but sustainability varies with cultivation and transport Sustainably grown, durable, reducing long-term environmental impact.
Structure Laminated wood, ideal for corners. Thick, sturdy wood.
Resistance Requires chemical treatment for water, midew resistance. Naturally resistant to water, mildew, rot, pests.
Maintenance Frequent, intricate maintenance; more prone to damage. Easier, less frequent maintenance; more durable.
Price More affordable, budget-friendly. More expensive, longer lifespan.
Overall Suitability Suitable for budget-conscious, needs regular upkeep. Ideal for durability, low maintenance, higher cost.

1. Species


Have you ever noticed that there are approximately one thousand different species of bamboo?

In fact, bamboo contains the largest number of species of all woods in the world and is also the fastest growing.

On the other hand, there are just three types of teak wood known and in use by far.

And the most popular teak wood in manufacturing is "Tectona Grandis," which is normally utilized to build shower benches and other furniture.

Therefore, there are more styles and choices of bamboo shower benches in comparison.

2. Eco-friendly


The adoption of environmentally friendly goods has become more necessary than ever considering the current climate challenges we are facing.

This makes installing a wood bathing bench a good try as it uses renewable materials.

We are happy to know that both teak and bamboo shower benches could be utilized in an environmentally responsible way.

Both can be cultivated artificially in large quantities, which indicates that destroying them does not have an adverse effect on our climate.

However, it should be noted that although bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, its environmental protection also depends on its planting, processing and transportation processes.

Meanwhile, teak’s durability means it lasts long and needs to be replaced less frequently, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact. 

3. Structure

Laminated wood is the primary component of bamboo bathing seats.

For teak bathing seats, their thick and sturdy wood construction makes them ideal for use in the shower. This enhances the product's longevity and sturdiness.

Bamboo shower chairs are the greatest option for individuals who are searching for the most support and convenience.

And corner shower seats are less noticeable in a washroom because of their precise 90-degree form.

4. Resistance

Waterproof Teak Bench

Because of its inherent resistance to moisture, mildew, rotting, and pests, teak wood has a longer service life than other wood species.

Any time teak is exposed to water, it will develop a beautiful natural patina. Protecting the bench from water penetration is the focus of this patina, which forms a waterproof coating.

As a result, the teak bathing seat is more long-lasting than its counterparts.

Yet, in its natural state, bamboo is not waterproof at all. Chemical treatment is required to render it anti-mildew, anti-rot, and anti-other outside contamination.

5. Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, both of these bathing benches are not difficult to deal with. It's easy to maintain these benches clean without hurting your  muscles.There are also differences in the regularity with which cleaning is performed.

Every three to four months, you should clean the teak bathing seat to avoid permanent stains. 

But unlike other shower benches, a bamboo one has to be cleaned and maintained more often and more intricately. A special seal must be sprayed on the bamboo shower bench many times a year in order to keep it watertight.

In comparison to taek, bamboo is somewhat more sensitive to fungus and mold formation. Yet, as long as it is provided with proper treatment and dried after use, fungus and mold may be prevented.

Mildew is also possible in teak bathing seats, but not nearly as prevalent as bamboo ones. And if it finds mold growth in the early stage, it may still be washed and recovered.

6. Price

The majority of folks choose which type of bathing seat to purchase primarily depending on the price tags. Shower benches made of bamboo are a far more affordable choice than most other models that can be found on the market, costing around half the price of their equivalents.

The teak shower bench is more costly, but it needs less care and has a longer expected life span.


Conclusion, If you're ready to put up with the requirement for periodic maintenance, bamboo showering benches are an excellent alternative. There are several models available, and they are far less costly.

The teak bathing seat is designed to provide you with the most utility and longevity possible. They are more robust and dependable than bamboo ones and are often tagged with higher prices. Because of their inherent durability and longevity, teak bathing benches are the preferred option if you have enough money on hand. A bamboo bathing seat is a terrific option for those on a tight budget.

Choose between bamboo showering benches and teak showering benches depending on what is most essential to you in your particular circumstance.

We believe that by explaining all of the advantages and disadvantages of each material, we have managed to assist you in making a more intelligent selection about which kind of shower bench will best suit your requirements. 

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