Compact Standing Walker
One hand Folding
Comfortable Armrest
10"Front Whels
Fit for 5-6ft
Good for storge
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Fully Foldable-300LBS Capacity Standing Walker

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About this Fully Foldable Standing Walker-Silver

Stand with your shoulders relaxed and your arms hanging loosely at your sides. The walker height should be at the crease of your wrist when your arm is at its side. OasisSpace walkers are equipped with push buttons and holes on all four legs. Push the button with your thumb and adjust to the correct hole height.

  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLES】The handles of the OasisSpace Armrest walker can be adjusted from 42 inches to 45.5inch. Suitable for most people. Padded armrests are adjustable and allow users to stand more confidently, look forward comfortably, and provide better upper torso support.
  • COMPACT DESIGN】The unique folding design allows you to adjust the width of the rollator. It permits you to navigate narrow spaces. The front wheels can be easily folded, and the rear legs removed, allowing you to put your rollator in the travel case, a car trunk, or a cabinet.
  • PERFECT FOR SENIOR】Enables users to stand and look ahead with better support, greater dignity, and greater confidence to walk farther and remain active. More comfortable compared to other walkers and rollators because it reduces stress and pain on joints in your wrists, back, and legs.
  • STABILITY AND SECURITY】Solid PVC material 10” wheels, 360°swivel front wheels for easy maneuvering, sturdy enough for an indoor and outdoor smooth ride. Ergonomic hand brakes, push forward to slow or stop.
  • FOLDABLE AND CONVENIENT】 Easy assembly, no need for any tools, compact size for storage. Detachable polyester storage bag, cane holder to leave your hands free.


OasisSpace 300LBS Capacity Compact Standing Walker has a 12-month warranty. If you have any questions or need after-sales service, you can contact us at any time and we will reply as soon as possible.


back wheel



Gear Wheel

Huge wheels good for great passing ability, help you lightly go through the rugged surface like stone, road, grass.

Compact Design

The smallest folding size Rollator in the world. 21.6*14.5*7.8”. Easily take it in the trunk of your car and have a nice weekend with your family.

Comfortable BackRest

The broadened and thickened backrest allow you to have a comfortable rest and enjoy your time alone, safely and reliably.


  • Package Dimensions : 27 x 16 x 13 inches; 23 Pounds
  • Manufacturer : OasisSpace
  • ⁣Weight Capacity:300LBS

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharmila N
Very Good Quality! Must learn a "new" way to use a walker... big psychological BOOST!

The quality of this walker is really very good for the price point. It reminds me of a good quality baby jogging stroller in its design. The assembly instructions need to be more clear. The 1st step is not specific as to what screws to use. The 2 screws that do not have nuts on them are the ones you use. A picture of the screw and a close up of where to insert it would be better. Overall better pictures and clarification is needed. As for stability issues that a number of reviewers suggest, my answer would be that the user has to learn a new way of using this walker. You cannot lean on it for support. You must use it to assist. If it is falling over it is because you are "riding" it. If you need that type of support, then this is NOT the product for you. You do not lean on traditional walkers for support, either. They assist you. On this upright walker, if you lean your weight on the arm rest, it is unstable. Especially when turning! Also, when turning in a smaller space, do not use your arms to turn the walker. If you lead with your feet i.e. move them where you want to go, your arms and the walker will follow. If you lead with your arms, you then tend to lean on the walker with your feet not in an ideal position. It just takes a little practice to learn a new way to use a walker, but the biggest (and it is big!) benefit is that SLIGHT adjustment of hand position for the user moves the head and shoulders into a more upright position. The slight change in your perception is a huge psychological boost. It folds up very easy and compact for storage & travel. You feel upright again! Lastly, yes! It will work for a person under 5 feet tall. The user of this walker is 4' 10" but walking taller!

Awesome up right walker

It rolls and works awesomely well Heavy duty farm 5 to 6 Up to 300 pounds reading my wife loves it she can walk easier without falling or falling apart Awesome walker go and buy it today

Scott C.
this is a well built product for the price.

This walker is very nice for the price, better made than I expected. It fits my five foot wife just right. The only lack is in the instructions. It would be nice to have a list that shows where the different bolts should be installed. Had to do it twice after trying various combinations. I'm a mechanic and can make anything work. Could be frustrating to others

Ahmed El-Habashi
It is a great value.

It is easy to travel with this product. It fold up nicely and has acceptable weight. I easily fitted in my language and I were able to travel with it overseas. The walker is design well. It was easy to assemble it together. It has comfortable grips and it rotates 360 degrees smoothly. It has a a nice firm seat with an attached bag in the back of it to store your stuff. You could also support your back and your arms while seating on it. I bought it for my mother and she likes it. It helps here to move around with no issues. I recommend buying this.