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August Activities for Seniors to Stay Active

The month of August brings the last weeks of summer before Fall approaches. For seniors, August is a great time to continue staying active socially and physically while enjoying the warm weather.

There are plenty of fun activities happening in August that are perfect for seniors who want to get out of the house, meet new people, and make the most of the summer season.

Take Advantage of August Holidays and Events

August has several holidays and annual events that provide fun activities for seniors:

August National Watermelon Day - August 3

  • Attend a watermelon festival such as the National Watermelon Festival in South Carolina or the Vermont Watermelon Festival. These festivals have eating contests, seed spitting contests, watermelon carving, and live music.

August National Smile Week - 2nd week of August

  • Do something that makes you smile! Go swimming, share a laugh with friends, watch a funny movie, or look at pictures from a happy memory.

August Relaxation Day - August 15

  • Give yourself a spa day at home with a face mask, luxurious bath, calming music, and lavender aromatherapy. Or visit a professional spa for a massage, facial, and therapeutic soak.

Senior Citizens Day - August 21

  • Look for local restaurants offering senior discounts and go out for a nice meal. You can also celebrate by gathering with friends for a potluck lunch.

Explore the Outdoors

August is a perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities before it gets too cold:

  • Go on a scenic drive to admire summer gardens and landscapes. Stop at an outdoor café or winery along the way.
  • Visit a botanical garden to take in gorgeous August blooms. Many gardens host concerts and classes too.
  • Attend an outdoor festival featuring live music, food trucks, local artisan goods, carnival rides, and games.
  • Go fishing at a lake, river, or ocean inlet. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the waterfront.
  • Take an easy hike at a local nature trail or park. Bring binoculars to do some bird watching. Stop for a rest on a scenic lookout bench.

Enjoy Indoor Activities

  • Go shopping at the mall and enjoy having a meal or afternoon tea at one of the restaurants.
  • Play games like cards, chess, or do crafts with friends for entertainment and socializing.
  • Take classes in painting, crafts, or other hobbies based on your interests.
  • Go to a karaoke bar and sing favorite old songs to reminisce. Rent a room with a few friends.
  • Attend community lectures on varied topics to gain knowledge and potentially meet new people.
  • Host a movie night at home and invite friends over to watch films together and discuss.
  • Visit a massage center for spa services like massages, foot soaks, facials to relax.
  • Do cooking, baking, or other kitchen activities for the fun of making food yourself.

Exercise and Get Moving

The warm August weather makes it enjoyable to participate in outdoor exercise activities:

  • Go for a swim at a pool, lake, or the ocean. Join a local water aerobics class.
  • Try your hand at lawn bowling or croquet at a local park.
  • Take a tai chi, yoga, or strength class at an outdoor gym or park.
  • Join a senior walking club that meets for a group stroll through the neighborhood or park.
  • Ride bikes on a paved trail through scenic landscapes and stop for a snack break along the way.

Learn Something New

August is a great time to challenge yourself by learning new skills and hobbies:

  • Enroll in a community education class like painting, pottery, scrapbooking, or calligraphy.
  • Take a cooking class to expand your culinary skills. Learn how to master grilling, baking, or preserving summer produce.
  • Join a senior learning group to study history, literature, sciences, or philosophy and share ideas.
  • Sign up for photography lessons and practice taking beautiful nature photos.
  • Learn to play a musical instrument like guitar, ukulele, harmonica, or violin.

Stay Social

One of the most important activities for seniors’ health is socializing. In August, get together with friends and family:

  • Plan a brunch, lunch, or outdoor barbecue with friends.
  • Meet friends for coffee or happy hour at an outdoor café.
  • Organize a day/weekend getaway with friends to a summer cottage or resort.
  • Invite friends and family over for backyard games like croquet, cornhole, or horseshoes.
  • Get together to go berry picking or visit a farmers market. Cook a meal together afterwards.
  • Join a senior social club to connect over shared interests like books, sports, gardening, or games.

Participate in August Cultural Activities

  • Visit local museums or art galleries that often launch new exhibitions in August.
  • Attend community cultural lectures on topics like history, art, or music to gain knowledge and meet new people.
  • Sign up for cultural classes like calligraphy, painting, or arts and crafts offered in August at parks and community centers.
  • Subscribe to local cultural programs like concerts, plays, or movie screenings which peak in August.
  • Start a book club to read and discuss a book with like-minded friends. Book clubs encourage critical thinking and broaden perspectives.
  • Enroll in a cultural summer camp at a local university to dive deep into a topic. Courses range from introductory to advanced.
  • Organize a cultural club that regularly hosts activities. Get creative with the types of cultural entertainment you provide.


    August offers many opportunities for seniors to stay active, engaged, and social while enjoying the last weeks of summer weather.

    Trying new hobbies, exploring the outdoors, exercising, learning new skills, and getting together with friends are all great activities for this month.

    Staying busy with fun plans that provide purpose will help maintain physical and mental health during the summer to fall transition.

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