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Joyful December Activities for Seniors

Although December is the coldest month of the year, it is also the warmest month. Although it sounds contradictory, it is true. The low temperature in December makes people feel cold physically, but the existence of Christmas will warm people's psychology. So what are the activities suitable for seniors in December? Let's take a look.

1. Decorate for the holidays

The festive atmosphere is very important, and the embodiment of the festive atmosphere is holiday decoration.

Prepare to buy Christmas decorations in advance with your family or friends, and complete this ordinary and warm task together before Christmas.

There is no such thing as happiness in the world.

2. Make holiday cards

Many people, including seniors, find it hard to express their feelings. At this time, we can convey it through cards.

We can write what we want to say to our family and old friends on the card to let them know our love.

3. Bake holiday-themed cookies

Red and green cookies or desserts are also one of the important sources of holiday atmosphere. Surprise your family and friends with your heirloom recipes or inventive twists from years of experience.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to bake before, we can have plenty of time to learn. Food is not only a taste, but also an obsession and love.

4. Watch specific holiday movies

A good holiday movie sets the mood better, too, right? We watch these movies year after year, and even know some of the lines by heart, but somehow we never get tired of them.

Picking up a classic Christmas-themed movie, a cozy blanket and some mulled wine are the simple joys that really brighten our days.

5. Share memories with others

When people get older, they always like to be nostalgic and can't help but think of the days and things before. And December is a great month for reminiscing and sharing these things.

Because December is cold enough, people need warm things to warm their hearts. Share what you experienced when you were young with your children or grandchildren so that they can see what you were like.

6. Participate in community events

December is usually a time when the community comes alive with various activities. From carols and light shows to holiday markets and charity events, there's something you'll want to see.

Put on your warmest coat, hat and scarf for these gatherings. This is not only an opportunity to enjoy holiday cheer, but also to meet new people and connect with the community.

7. Do indoor gardening

It is not suitable for planting outside in winter, but it is suitable for indoor gardening.

Raising flowers and grass not only exercises the body, but also cultivates one's emotions. Imagine looking out at a deserted landscape and looking inside at a garden full of spring scenery.

8. Take a short walk

Every season has its own beauty and charm, even the cold winter months. There is nothing wrong with going out for a proper walk.

Walking can both exercise your body and concentrate your mind. But you have to remember to do what you can and don’t force your body.

And remember to keep warm when going out. A cold is nothing for young people, but it may be much more dangerous for older people.

9. Read some books

Live till you are old and read till you are old. Books are equal to everyone, no matter how old they are, they can read them. Choose a novel you like and have a cup of hot coffee. Both your mind and body will feel warm.

10. Make handicrafts

Making handicrafts not only kills time, but also brings you a lot of fun. It's time to gather colored paper, ribbons, beads, and any craft supplies you have to create something special.

You can make ornaments for your Christmas tree, you can knit a cozy scarf, or even make a holiday wreath. It’s much more fun to make with other people—grandchildren, friends, or senior citizens at the community center.


Although it’s cold in December and we can’t go out often or do many outdoor activities, we can find some happy and meaningful things to do to warm ourselves.

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