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300LBS Capacity 2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair Walker with Cup Holder

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300LBS Capacity 2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair Walker with Cup Holder
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Product Information


OasisSpace 2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair for Multi-purpose Uses

Multi-purpose for 2 in 1 walker

OasisSpace  2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair

By turning the backrest and moving the footrest forward, the elderly can easily convert the walker into a wheelchair. This wheelchair rollator can help elderly and injured people walk and exercise their legs. When they are tired, they can pull the brakes to lock the wheels, and then have a rest.

Safe and Stable

Rollator Wheelchair Armrests

The non-slip handles of the OasisSpace rollator wheelchair can be adjusted to 6 different heights to meet the needs of people of different heights. The footrest can also be adjusted in length, allowing you to naturally bend your legs and sit comfortably on the seat.

Adjustable Handles & Footrest

Adjjustable  2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair

OasisSpace Flexible 2 in 1 Rollator Walker comes with a large detachable storage pouch, which is very suitable for the elderly to store personal belongings or transport items. Easily snapped to the frame, the stylish pouch is easy to detach, clean, and store.

Easily Pass Through Narrow Spaces

Compact  2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair

OasisSpace 2-in-1 rollator wheelchair can be quickly folded to the middle by gently pulling the rope on the chair. The compact size of the walker can be reduced to 6.3" in width. It can be easily passed through the bathroom door or a corner of the room. And the footrest can also be folded at the same time.

OasisSpace  2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair
Rollator Wheelchair Armrests
Adjjustable  2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair
Compact  2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair

Featured Design

Rollator Wheelchair Detail 1- Rollator Wheelchair Detail 1-  Detachable Footrest

Detachable Footrest

The footrest can be moved to one side of the frame and locked while in walker mode. If you want to use it as a wheelchair or transport chair, just put your footrest back in front of the walker and adjust the height.
Rollator Wheelchair Detail 2 -Large Bag

Large Removable Storage Bag

A large opaque bag is perfect for storing smartphones, keys, magazines, your shopping items and other personal belongings. Enhancing privacy protection, it is convenient to go out.
Rollator Wheelchair Detail 3 -Safety Belt

Safety Belt Enhances Security

2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair comes with a safety belt available to ensure the highest safety of the elderly while walking in wheelchair mode. It prevents the elderly from falling forward when walking on uneven ground.

Ergonomically Curved Extended Armrest

Curved armrests are easier to hold than traditional handrails, helping seniors to sit and stand up safely. The curved design also protects the body of the elderly from hitting the sharp corner of the armrest.



Key Info
Unit Weight
Recommended User Height
5' to 6'
Weight Capacity
Product Name
300LBS Capacity 2 in 1 Rollator Wheelchair Walker with Cup Holder
Package Dimensions
25.1" x 23" x 12"
Wheel Diameter


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