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Handy - 300LBS Capacity Upright Walker

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Handy - 300LBS Capacity Upright Walker
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OasisSpace Handy Upright  Walker - The Best and Most Intimate Standing Walker in 2023

OasisSpace Handy Upright Walker is the latest and unique one on the market. It is upgraded and transformed from previous customer reviews and suggestions.  Equipped with support handles to help the elderly sit down and stand up, making it safer. There is also a height adjustment handle to adjust the height more easily(other upright walkers adjust the height by turning a screw ). 

Supportive Handles 

Sometimes you may want to relax your wrist after seating or need a handle to assist in getting up and down. To make you walk more confidently and safely, the sit-to-stand handles of Handy Upright Walker can ease the transition from a sitting or standing position to help keep your safety.

Upright Walker with Supportive Handles
Height Adjust Upright Walker

Height Adjust is Easier

Different from other upright walkers for seniors, you do not need to turn the screw and press the push pins. You can raise and lower the oval tube to different heights to meet your needs(39.1”- 46.9”) by one step - Just Touch the Orange button.

Back Straight and Keep Active

OasisSpace upright walker with seat is made of premium aluminum and designed for a vertical structure which helps better dispersion of forces(weighing up to 300lbs). The Tall walker with a seat is aimed at helping the elderly/rehab patient walk more easily and confidently and can bring comfort and reduce pain in your legs, back&hands, wrists.

OasisSpace Upright Walker
Handy Upright Walker  With Bag

Upgrade Armrest Walkers for Seniors

To make you enjoy your walking and walk without hassle, the Handy Upright Walker comes with a removable shopping bag for storing personal belongings and a cane holder. Cane/umbrella holder to leave your hands free when carrying a portable cane or umbrella outdoor.

*** Details ***

Soft Padded Armrests
Easy to Adjust
Threshold Aid Pedal

Soft Padded Armrests

OasisSpace tall rollator walker is coming with an ergonomic U shape holder which will comfort your elbow and forearm when you are walking around.

Easy to Adjust

Find the perfect fit with this walker! This stand-up walker features an easily adjustable handle, allowing you to adjust the walker. (6 levels of height adjustment)

Threshold Aid Pedal

Sometimes, you may come across obstacles in the road such as rocks, clods. You can hold the handbar and step the pedal with your foot, so go across the obstacle easily.

*** Specification ***

Color: Grey
Package Dimensions: 30.5 x 18 x 11.75 inches; 29.1 Pounds
Manufacturer‏ : ‎ OasisSpace

*** Warranty ***

OasisSpace Handy Upright Walk has a one-year warranty. 



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