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25"x20"x13" Bed Wedge Pillow

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25"x20"x13" Bed Wedge Pillow
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About this item

  • ERGONOMIC MEMORY FOAM WEDGE PILLOW - The advantages of memory foam are therapeutic and comfortable support, providing a comfortable environment for your head, neck and shoulders to sleep in, And the slope shape of the supportive foam wedge pillow is good for people with breathing problems, acid reflux, poor circulation, back or neck problems. Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and positioning, you can relax and sleep well on the sofa, bed or anywhere else.
  • SLEEPING WEDGE CUSHION THERAPEUTIC - OasisSpace foam wedge pillow to elevate your neck and shoulders, giving your upper body just a bit of height can improve several common health issues. Helps can relieve you of back and neck pain, as well as aid you with breathing, snoring, GERD and acid reflux issues.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL WEDGE PILLOW - This bed wedge riser promotes a better sleep position and prevent orthopedic health issues with your spine, neck and shoulders; Makes an excellent leg rest pillow too, provide ample support for your legs and lower back (this can be especially important after surgery); And Use this as a reading pillow to prop you up in bed to read, watch TV, or get some work done on your laptop and play games.
  • REMOVABLE WASHABLE COVER - OasisSpace reading pillow for bed comes with a soft breathable washable cover. Adjustable bed wedge pillow is designed with a handle for on the go use, and plastic buckles on both sides hold the small foldable triangle in place.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE - You can rest assured that our back wedge pillow for acid reflux will not deform with the passage of time. To satisfy our dear customers, we do a good job in terms of comfort, quality and customer service. Our products have 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Don't hesitate to reach out and use them! This will be a wonderful gift for you and your family. Sleep problems won't bother you anymore.



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